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Is there anyway to smooth out bumpy glaze?

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Is there anyway I can smooth this rim? It happened to a few of these mugs. Will sanding take the glaze off? It has like a chippy/bumpy texture. I’m thinking maybe I applied the clear glaze too thick on the rim? 

I used 3 coats of Amaco velvet underglaze and 3 coats of Amaco HF 9 clear zinc free glaze. Fired to cone 6. Thanks!!! 


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How many coats of underglaze did you put on and did you allow each coat to dry before the next? Also, how thick was the underglaze when you used it? Underglaze can lift and bubble up if applied too thickly, looks like what might be going on with your mug rim in that area.

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Just curious, how were the the coats of underglaze and glaze applied?
Looks like the clear glaze beaded up in the portion between noon and 2:30 o'clock in the image.
Was the glaze good around the rest of the rim?

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Yeah i think it was the clear glaze as well. @Hulk the rest of the rim is okay and it happened on maybe 3/4 out of 10 cups.  I’m gonna try to sand it then reglaze it again and just do two layers of clear. I’ve seen must ppl say they only do 2 layers of clear instead of 3.

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Any chance there was something on the underglaze that caused the clear glaze to crawl (e.g. fingerprints) and/or the underglaze burnished by contact with something?
If you are dipping the mugs into clear glaze, the rim area could get a thicker layer of glaze.

I'm typically going for a thicker layer of liner glaze at the rim, for that's the portion that thins the most during firing.
I'll pour in, pour out, wait a bit, then dip just the rim for more thickness.

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