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Will  gold or copper luster leave  color residue on bisque  like gold or silver overglaze would, or would it burn off the bisque and leave the bisque color on changed like mother of pearl luster? The clay I am using is Amaco High Fire Buff #46  Thank you! Sandi

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Hi and welcome!

What you do to fix any lustre errors will depend on whether it’s fired on yet or not. If it’s already fired on, you can remove it by mechanical means rather than having to re-fire. In fact, that’s what I’ve heard most china painters recommend. Leaving trace amounts of lustre behind via fingerprint is easy to do, and the purple smudges show up after the firing. They make lustre erasers because of this that don’t scratch the glaze and they’re about $15-20 online or from your supplier. I’ve seen people also recommend Barkeeper’s Friend, but I haven’t tested that one personally. 

If you need to remove fired lustre from the unglazed part of the piece, I’ve done it with just 220 grit wet/dry sand paper and some elbow grease. This is not a fast job if your clay is mature. Line up a good podcast/audiobook. 

If the lustre hasn’t been fired yet, remove as much as you can with lustre essence. You’ll still probably have to follow up with one of the abrasives mentioned above, but you won’t go through nearly as much of your audiobook. 





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