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Can I combine paper clay and regular clay to use for raku?

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I apologize.  My first post, I realize looks like I am sharing info.  I wish I was.  That would mean I knew about it. 

I work with a stoneware clay body for Raku.  I use a cone 10 body and sometimes a cone 5 body.  I add kyanite and grog.  Generally, I am hand building as opposed to slab building.  I like what I read about paper clay.  I see people dipping, pouring. slab building but not sure if it fits my approach.  I also like to use texture, and sometimes  fine detail.  

I like that paper adds strength.  What about plasticity?  I like that it can be used to patch cracks and possibly help mend breaks even on bisque ware.  Really? 

If I had a paper clay made from the same clay I Raku with would it be possible to use that on green ware cracks prior to firing?  After first firing?  That alone would make it very interesting.

If both clay bodies share a parent body could I mix the two?  Knead them together?

Is there a paper clay designed for raku?

I was reading some of the articles with Jerry Bennett, he mentioned a fiber called kenaf.  In an article, http://jerrybennett.net/paper-clay-information that is sometimes used with Raku.  It sounds like some of the commercial clays include kenaf for sculpting and Raku.  Took me a bit to find the article again.  Good article. I do not use porcelain but he does.  Good info.

Very intrigued just not sure how to approach it.  

I can see how it would be beneficial for wall pieces. Less weight.  

I would appreciate feedback and insight on what might be possible.



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The weight depends on the construction methods. Because you can make things with paper clay that are thinner than might normally survive the greenware state, you can get a lighter end piece that way. But yeah, a 1/4” slab of paper clay isn’t going to weigh much less than a 1/4” regular slab. 

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