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HEPA Filter Criteria for Very Small Home Studio

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Hi! I have setup a 28x 48" closet for potterywork and plan to purchase a HEPA filter to manage the dust/silica dust, and the surrounding area.
I was looking at this air filter, but wondering if anyone had other recommendations for managing dust/silica dust in small spaces?
This filter is for 1500 square feet, and the space on the entire floor is more like 750 square feet including the closet space:


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Hi and welcome to the forum!

There are a number of threads discussing HEPA filters on the forum. If you do a search on the main page links will come up. The air filter you linked to is mentioned in this thread. Many potters work from their homes and keep dust to a minimum by diligent wet mopping and sponging down surfaces before the dust has time to accumulate.

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