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Acrylic paint accidentally used

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Assuming this is currently in the bisque stage now, The acrylic paint will melt and burn. My best thought is wash off the glaze. Wash off the acrylic with solvent then re- bisque the piece to remove all traces of acrylic. Start over, ceramic products only  - (glaze) this time to decorate.

Acrylic comes off porous surfaces with alcohol, lacquer thinner, acetone.

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I agree with Bill. If the paint is on top of glaze it may be peeled/picked off, but on plain bisqued clay it would be best to scrub it off and start fresh. I can’t say for certain, but I expect residue from the acrylic will interfere with glaze adhesion. Glaze crawling or glaze outright falling off the pot before it melts are likely possibilities. You’re fortunate it was caught before it went in the kiln. 

My thought was very hot water and a Scotch Brite pad. Hot water softens it as long as it hasn’t cured for days. If it’s stubborn, break out the solvents. Acrylic gets harder over time, if it’s freshly applied it’ll come off easier. Then re-bisque. 

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We used to burn off acrylic paint without solvent removal in high school. It WILL be stinky and require lots of ventilation. Some colours (like cobalt blue, titanium white or umber) may remain if she used a better quality paint.  The cheap stuff from the dollar store is more likely to leave no trace. 

If you do elect to go solvent removal, hot vinegar takes acrylic house paint off of metal hardware quite well, but again you’ll want to do this somewhere well ventilated or outdoors. It’s not as toxic as some other options, but it’s quite pungent. 

I agree with Kelley, if you put glaze over acrylic, the acrylic can definitely act as a resist. Your customer is going to have to redo some of her work unfortunately.

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