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2 hours ago, NancyE said:

I was unable to open the link to the guy with the wooden frames, but I remember seeing them before, and considered what they were doing.

While trying to re-find earlier references I came across this smaller-scale example:
John Maude demonstrates 'Jarre a la Corde'.  https://www.easybats.com/jarre-a-la-corde-fun-stuff.html


The frame and central axle idea looks really promising for heavy/tall pots, and might also take pointy bottoms in its stride.
... John Maude might be a useful contact.

A google for Jarre a la Corde throws up a lot of interesting hits, including videos.


An earlier ref still seems to work.

... although sadly the reference http://www.terre-en-formes.com/en/savoir_faire.html no longer works.

PPS An image search for Jarre a la Corde also turns up some interesting pictures, for example showing different frame constructions. The first to catch my eye was

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2 hours ago, Babs said:

In the past I saw the corded frame method but it wasn't coiled, I seem to remember the clay wS " slathered" on  .

Will try to remember the source.

I cannot remember where I first saw mention of this technique, but I suspect that it was in one of your postings a decade or so ago.

This image part-way through the stop-motion video I linked confirms that the clay is not coiled. Also note the profile board defining the outer shape


The clay looks (and is described) as rather softer in another reference
It is much more efficient to press the sticky clay into the rope.  The form keep the clay from succumbing to gravity.
... These pictures detail how the wet clay is pressed into the rope covered form.  The texture you see here-the finger marks of the person making this pot.

... Once the wet clay is pressed into the ropes, the wheel turns, and the surface is smoothed.

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