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Where do I find those silicone travel mug lids?

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Hi, does anyone know a producer/ company for silicone lids for mugs which might export to Europe? Thanx

Asarmes, if you find out, please let me know. Thanks


Mart & Asarmes- perhaps you've found a source already but this company appears to be a wholesale exporter with tons of different products, including silicone coffee cup lids:  




(I don't know anything about this company or their policies, and can't vouch for them, etc., I just came across them doing my own search for the lids.)

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3,000 -5,000 minimum order . I hope you have a big order of mugs- Even when we sold slip cast lamps by the thousand's this min.order would have put me off and thats from a guy who bought 3,200 sponge-neoprene stick on bottoms (from a direct manufacture ) last December. I use about 600 per year at least.That is a 5 years supply for me.


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