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Flower frogs

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12 minutes ago, Babs said:

What does this product do?


It sticks things down, is clear and can be removed and reused. Lots of artwork stuck with museum wax in museums to keep it in place, be invisible yet later be removable with a little effort. A little goes a long way.



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1 hour ago, Rae Reich said:

I’ve always used Floral Clay or Florist’s Clay, just like my Granny. It’s green, oil based and pretty sticky. Can be re-kneaded to re-use. Lasts for years. Amazon or craft stores or - florists. 

You would sell the pots with frog attached with the F. Clay?

Just thinking of doing a batch. Not sure, seems lots of " individual" frogs out there.

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@Babs, that’s a difficult question. When I gift a piece to be used that way, I include a box of Floral Clay and have the frog already secured in place. That’s because I prefer to have a piece with multiple uses so I don’t make it permanent. It could be that customers at sales don’t want so many choices - a vase is a vase and can’t be a nut dish! That may be why @Min glues them.  Also precludes lengthy instructions. :) 

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