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Hairline crack in finished piece. Superglue back in the kiln?

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I had a customer reach out to me saying that a mug she bought from me a year ago has a hairline crack and is wondering if I can fix it. I told her I might be able to add a bit of glaze and put it back in the kiln. Turns out they already tried to superglue it. Will the superglue mess it up? I feel like the glaze won’t stick.

I also don’t know that it is my job to fix things as like a lifetime warranty, but if it’s because shoddy workmanship I feel like I should. The crack is just in a weird place that I feel like is more likely to be from hitting something on the side rather than the way I’ve made it. I’ve never had issues with things cracking years after I make them. 

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In my experience, a crack is a crack is a crack.  It will never be a "safe use" piece of pottery.    For  functional pieces like a mugs, I pitch them.    Depending on the customer, I have offered to replace it for half price or replace it completely or offered a discount.  It varies.  If the customer is someone who has supported me through the years, I have replaced.  It's really your call on how to handle that situation.   


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