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Kiln vent location

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Thanks in advance for your help!

I am getting my very first kiln. The kiln will be in my garage and will be vented up through the ceiling, into the attic, and out the gable end of my house. There is also a large vent in the gable end for general attic ventilation, but the kiln vent will have its own smaller vent. Do I need to worry about the fumes going into the attic via the nearby gable vent? My attic is well vented, but I'm starting to worry about fumes accumulating in the attic space and I'm wondering if I should vent out the roof instead.

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The general rule is not within 10 feet of a source of fresh air which would be a window or fresh air inlet grill. The attic????, hmm. Best practice would be to keep it away. Fumes could accumulate in the attic.

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2 hours ago, neilestrick said:

I'd run it through the roof. Any reason you're not just going out the wall?

The exterior wall is brick and I’d prefer to not drill through the masonry. Above the brick the gable is composite siding which I thought would be easier to vent out. I can vent through the roof though. 

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