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Business Liability Insurance -going UP

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Well  many here  may not have this  and do not need it  but I do and have for many decades. Since I did many shows over time that required it. Over time this one time cheap poilicy (300$) has really gone up at the same time my exposure has really gone down (only 3 shows this year -two next year). Now for the 1st time I only need it for one event at a shopping center at xmas(and I need to name them on the policy ) The shows I  now do have thier own coverage. Of cource its  more than doubled in price. It was a two million poilicy with a 1k deductible . I have my agent cutting  that  back to 500K  liablitiy and 3k deductible to get to the minimum of 500$ per year. This also covers my studio for 45K for fire insurance (homepolicy does not cover stutio) and 12 k for equipment .

State Farm is my carrier as well

I dislike insurance . This is an understatement

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My insurance (Hartford) covers my shop/studio, product liability, art fair liability, and my kiln repair work, for $235 a month. A lot of that cost is the kiln repair work, because it's considered high liability since I'm working with things that use a lot of power and get really hot, and could in theory do a lot of damage if I do something wrong. My insurance broker said a lot of insurance companies won't even cover me because of the kiln repair work. They just don't want to take on the liability, even though there's never been a claim on my policy in the 18 years I've been in business (knock on wood).

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On 5/8/2022 at 12:10 PM, Mark C. said:

and I need to name them on the policy )

Sorry to hear that. I have been entering contracts for years that require specific additional insureds. Sorry to see it’s caught up with your shows.

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Having liability insurance can provide peace of mind when running a business, even if it can be costly. It's great that your policy also covers your studio for fire insurance and equipment - those are essential things to have protected. If your business is going down, you could use professional business advice at antonybatty.com. I hope you're able to find a policy that works for you!

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