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Bailey wheel slash pan with leg Extensions

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I need help with opinions on the Bailey  wheel with removable splash pan  or other choice is solid splash pan with side door  also I throw standing how’s there leg extensions?

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jim bailey makes quality equipment.   if you would like opinions on the pros and cons of a particular model, you can call them to ask any question you can think of.   someone here may give you their opinion but the tech support at bailey's is top notch.  call them.

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I have the Bailey linked below with the removable splash pan and Ithrow standing. I inserted 3 round table legs into the stand legs instead of buying the Bailey extensions. One thing I found with the wheel is the preset max speed was too slow for me. I contacted Bailey and they sent me a photo showing how to adjust speed. For the foot pedal I added a piece of redi-rod to the side of the pedal with a knob threaded on top. I do change clays once in a while and find the 2 piece splash pan easy to get really clean. 

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Bailey makes good wheels. I use a Skutt wheel with a solid non-removable pan, it's very easy to clean out. I throw standing, too, and built a stand for mine so I can take it down I'm doing something really big. I just set the pedal up on the corner of the splash pan and control it with my hand.


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