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Professor Marvin Sweet Passes

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Guest JBaymore

This afternoon at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, MA a ceremony was held to celebrate the life of ceramist, ceramics professor, and author Marvin Sweet who suddenly passed away this past weekend. There were many people there from all of the aspects of Marvin's life; family, friends, and colleagues. Many shared great anecdotes that served to show who Marvin really was. As we heard others speak, everyone there likely learned a new little facet of the person we knew. His sense of humor, love of family and friends, and focused passion clearly resonated in all those stories.


Above all else, it was clear that his life touched the lives of many, many others, and that his caring about others was a driving force in his life. Many former students spoke of him having had a profound impact in their lives. Some said "life changing" and even that he "saved my life". He clearly gave much back to the field of ceramics that was his love since the 70's when he discovered clay.


In speaking of the legacy Marvin left behind in the world in both works of his art, his pen, and his human interactions Jay Lacouture said that "He is not gone. He is only dead". As I looked around the room at the ceramic work, the books and magazine articles, and particularly at the people present, the wisdom of those simple words was clear.






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