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I think the value of this community is the extremely wide variety of experience and inquiries that flush out information that is useful to many who in various levels can get whatever they can out of it. It is sort of like reading Leach's A Potters Book. I was struggling with oil kiln firing and clinker build up back in 1972. 8Ut until you deal with carbon clinkers, his chapter on the oil burner didn't have any relevance. Then there was the ah hah!!! Moment.

I appreciate this community and the sharing and the potential improvement and rapid growth such sharing can produce. It eliminates a lot of trial and error if you can get pointed in the right direction to avoid many pitfalls. I like to learn something everyday...not necessarily here but there is much to absorb. Ceramics is a very complex and diverse media.

There is always new directions, techniques improved energy saving approaches, etc.

So thank you to everyone who contributes, who asks thought provoking questions or who answers wonderful inventive solutions. We are a community.

Thank you and Thank you Acers for providing this venue.



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Ditto, Marcia. Even when we don't comment on various posts, we read and learn from the questions of others. I have learned a lot on these forums, and hope that I've helped occasionally as well. I thoroughly enjoy the banter amongst the writers, and can feel the comradarie that exists--even if the people involved have never met.



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