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Older Brent Wheel

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If it a bent or worn out wheelhead just replace it-they bolt right on with 3 nuts-If you can post a video we can tell you whats wrong

20 years is not old for a Brent wheel. I have one from the 70s and one from the 80s-20 years is what I call a New Brent wheel

No need for a whole new wheel .

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Curious, is the problem inconsistent speed of rotation, runout, or both?

Speed of rotation: wheel does not maintain a consistent speed, where there may be motor, controller, belt and pulley problems, or a combination o' woes.

Runout: wheel head does not run true - the working surface wobbles (doesn't turn in a circle) and/or pulses up and down - where the shaft is bent, wheel head is not squarely attached to the shaft, the bearings/bushings are worn, or all three. Try bringing a tool to the slowly rotating surface until it just touches; if there's runout, it will be obvious - even a few thousandths of an inch is clearly perceptible. If it it's scritch, scritch, scritch, how much space is there between the tool and the wheel head when the "scritch" point is 180 out?

Here's a video clip (that DSC linked to another thread) illustrating runout:

waving wheel head - YouTube


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