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Another shot at sharing the 'simple utensile holder' video.

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For me, a utensile holder should be a reflection of one's mugs. By that I don't mean all, but as a general rule. Doing it this way allows you to get an idea about how shapes transition between sizes. Not all shapes look good large, and not all look good small. My personal philosophy is that to have a functional pottery line, my ware needs to have a 'look' to it that makes sense on the kitchen counter. I realize that generally things sell better in the bigger-brighter-wider sense, but I believe, foolishly or not, that pottery can be made to look like an aesthetically contiguous expression of one's culinary tastes. From spoon jars one can move to canister sets and cookie jars/onion jars that all have a resonant purpose next to each other by continuing a simple strong form like this. The bulging stuff is for the really good guys. For me, I keep it simple so the set of product itself becomes a medium that can carry the form across itself.

Hmm, we'll see if this one works. I guess its back to Bach, lol.



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