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Masking tape

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I did see a topic on this but it was from a few years ago. It seemed like blue painters tape might be preferable? Does anyone have a specific brand of tape that they would recommend, or does it really not matter much? I don't want residue causing problems with applying glaze.

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I use 3m orange core which is a delicate surface paint. For designs as complex as I would like to make them, pin stripe stencil tape. It usually comes in 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 inch and can be smoothly put down in almost any radius. Both tapes are fine line so their edges are really fine and their adhesive stays with the tape. The pin stripe stencil tape is then almost always taped over with standard , it is only used to establish a sharp edge for radiused projects. Very special. As an example I used it when creating very custom mugs with etched names in them and chem etching for a frosted glass etched name in script.

I think any fine line, delicate surface painters tape is plenty good for regular masking though. For 3M it was orange core, now called delicate surface I believe. Same with Frog tape - delicate surface.

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I'm using Scotch "Contractor Grade" for most things (although I have also gone through several rolls of cheaper tape as well); I get the inch (which is more like 15/16") rolls.

It works fine for my purposes - I'm taping bisque. When I want a narrower piece o' tape, I set out lengths on a shiny cardboard box, then cut strips using a straightedge and razor knife.

I'd use blue tape if I were planning to leave the tape on there for more than a week (or two days in the sun), and/or if the surface was fragile.

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