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ceramic substrate or canvas

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Hi Elaine!

Could you identify the source?

...perhaps "Robin Hopper Shows How to Paint on Porcelain Ceramic Substrates" ?

He describes the material early in the video clip*, but doesn't explicitly identify it. One of the commenters indicated "Keraflex Porcelain," however, looks like what Robin was working with was not flexible, and likely comes pre-fired, and likely very high fired at that.

This article provides clues: Art made for space travel – BC Local News

This blog post provides more/direct info: PHOENIX: November 2012 (rhrising.blogspot.com), and blows up "Keraflex" as the material in question. The links, sadly, seem to dead end. Perhaps you'll have better luck finding Ceramic Art Cart...

There's a FaceBook group on the subject, however, similarly dead end-ish.


*Pottery Video: Robin Hopper Shows How to Paint on Porcelain Ceramic Substrates - YouTube


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@Elaine Henderson, I would try contacting his widow, Judi Dyelle and asking her. She is also a potter and still running their pottery, Chosin Pottery, on Vancouver Island BC. Link to her website here with a contact form. 

Welcome to the forum.

edit: there is a page on her site for Hopper's substrate ceramic paintings linking PC Substrate but it's a broken link.

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Hunk mentioned  "Keraflex Porcelain" -- a name I associate with porcelain tape:
KERAFLEX® porcelain tape is a thin, flexible film, based on ceramic raw materials and an organic binder matrix. Stamping, embossing, cutting, folding, bending and laminating simply your mood: Due to the high flexibility of the film, completely new possibilities in the porcelain processing result. Let your creativity run wild. Forget about traditional casting methods and discover the uncomplicated design with KERAFLEX®. Whether as standard products in the industry or as individual, creative birthday gift in the home - KERAFLEX® offers versatility.

A low-cost DIY version of a similar material is described in a handout from Alfred University, first posted by Norm Stuart

Might be difficult to fire it into a surface as flat as an artist canvas though ... and presumably needs good ventilation during the glue burn-out.

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