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Mixing mason stain into casting slip


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Hi all,

Anyone mix mason stain into their slips regularly?
I mix them thoroughly (good 15 minutes in a mixer) but continue to have streaking where some part of the finished has the stain color, but some do not.
Resulting in an unsightly streaking wherever it's sponged or sanded. Will post pic in a few. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

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@moh, try sending a pm to @Jeff Longtin and asking him. I've only done a bit of coloured slip casting. Haven't had the problem with streaking, I mix the stain with a little water then add it to the slip, mix then put it through a 60 mesh sieve and adjust if necessary. Unglazed and sanded outside black tumbler below, I've used 5 different stains like this with no problems.


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