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White areas in fresh 630 clay

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I just opened a fresh bag of Standard's 630 clay and when cutting up the block I noticed some soft white areas about the size of a pea. Not a lot of white areas but some. The other bag in the box didn't have this. I thought I wedged it into the clay but when I trimmed afterwards I still see some white streaks.

Do you think I'm going to have problems bisque or glaze firing?

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@MartinD35, I am using the SC 630 also, and have not noticed any white areas. Mine is a batch from before covid, so if yours is recent that may be the difference.  If you wedged it well, and it still shows up, the only thing I can suggest is to fire it with glaze in your normal manner and see what shows up. If you want to not take the chance, you could do test tiles. However, now that you have made pieces, would you try to recycle them if the test tiles do not turn out well? Up to you, but were me I would keep one piece aside for the bisque, then glaze fire the rest. If they turn out poorly you have examples to show Standard, or you supplier.





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