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Bent Bolt on clay boss tension plate

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Is that the position it's supposed to be in, with the motor plate at an angle like that? If so, then the bolt probably needs to be bent in order for the plate to pivot like it is. Either way, it shouldn't matter if it's bent because the bolt isn't rotating or moving in any way, it's just holding the plate in a specific spot. It won't cause a wobble if the nuts are tight at both ends.

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16 hours ago, Im_ryan_ said:

not flush which could be causing a minor wobble. Could that be? It needs replace right?!

Not likely, the bend matches the radius of the motor pivot. Tensioners are usually only meant to set the tension, then the remaining bolts of the assembly are tightened so it doesn’t wobble  or move removing the angular load from the tensioner. I would suggest: Check the condition of the belt, proper belt alignment (belt running true between the drive and driven pulley), and tension on the belt. Then,  check all remaining bolts are appropriately tight so the motor assembly does not wobble.

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