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Glaze Flaking off

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@tzylawy, I'm copying the image you posted in the gallery into this thread so it's easier to find.

Definitely wouldn't fire this as is. Was the glaze frozen at some point or is it really old? Also did you really stir it up before using? Did your brush drag as you were applying the glaze? Reason I'm asking is it looks like the gums that are typically used in brushing glazes are no longer effective. Is that the same glaze on the inside of the pot?

I'ld scrape off as much glaze as you can (wear a mask), dump it back into the jar and scrub the outside of the pot. I'ld then add a little bit of gum solution and enough water to make a good brushing consistency and try it again on a test tile. If it works on the test tile then reglaze your pot. (it's easy to make your own gum solution if you don't want to buy it)

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Is this purchased bisqueware as in another recent post?

Sounds like you may need to get info from supplier.

If you are bisquing yourself what cone are you firing to?

If a low bisque fire, your glaze needs to be thinner.

Dampen pot, apply a  layer of thinner glaze, may need another coat and see how you go. i.e.test


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