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Looking to replace to Laguna 55 or 65

Pat B.

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I have been using Laguna 55 for years and love how non-fussy it is although it is a bit groggy and doesn't fire too white. I recently started using Laguna 65 and love how smooth it is and the white color, although  attachments do crack a bit more and I'm told it doesn't play well with a lot of glazes because of the low COE.

Problem: I no longer live near a supplier who carries those two clays. I do live an hour away from Sheffield Pottery and an hour away from Bailey Ceramic Supply. Can anyone recommend a cone 6 white stoneware? I'm not interested in B-mix 5 (my glazes want cone 6 and I don't want to deal with cracking and fussiness). I've seen negative things about Bailey's clay (bloating) but don't know anything about Sheffield's clays.

I appreciate any help.

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Haven't used Sheffield or Bailey claybodies so I'm no help making a recommendation. Hopefully someone will chime in here with their recommendations.

I do have a couple pieces of Bailey equipment (mixer/pugger and wheel), I've found their customer support is really good so I'm a bit surprised to hear about their clay having issues with bloating. Did they offer any help with the issue?

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pat,  you have not said whether you do wheel work or handbuilding.   some clays are suitable for one but not the other.  

i use an east coast clay, Highwater Little Loafers which is a white clay but not as white as porcelain.   it is good for both.   it has a low coe, something i know nothing about.  Min has been extremely helpful in suggesting recipes that work on it.   

it throws very well and i have been doing slab work for a number of years with it.   depending on what you want to do, it might be just right.  

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