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shimpo Velocity wheel keeps tripping the circuit breaker on the outlet.

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Its most likely a dead short in wheel. Does the wheel work at all or just blows the circuit when plugged in and then turned on?

Is this a GFI  protected circuit that the outlets are on?

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5 hours ago, Lauren Head said:

My Shimpo Velocity wheel keeps tripping the circuit breaker on the outlet it is plugged into.

There could be a lot of reasons for this but …….. the wheel circuitry has its own fuse so a short in the wheel likely would blow the onboard fuse and no longer trip any GFCI or breaker. The machine would no longer do anything no matter where plugged in.  The other possibility is a damaged cord, cord grip, water has seeped into the unit and is tripping the ground fault. This is only a possibility but I would thoroughly examine the plug, cord,, cord grip and where it enters the wheel.

If it’s tripping breakers then the short might be reasonably obvious. If it’s tripping ground faults then anything wet or even stains from having been wet can trip a GFCI.

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