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Homemade versions of commercial "fluxes"

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What do you think would be a good substitute for "fluxes" that are commercially available, like Mayco's light/dark flux, or Amaco's Honey Flux? They're glazes on their own, and are marketed as something that can make a stable glaze move when applied in combination.

So, I figure, they're similar to very fluid neutrally colored/uncolored glazes, am I right? Having been through ordeals of grinding bad glaze drips off my kiln shelves, I've been sticking to stable glazes. But they can be a little boring and sometimes I want to create a variance, without having to mix multiple buckets of new, more "interesting" glazes. Yes. I'll risk my kiln shelves for that. :lol:  But I have a good supply of cookies, too. :P

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Adding Flux means imo lowering the melt point of glaze aka lowering the cone to which you have to fire for a mature glaze so I guess add quantities of lower firing glaze to the top two thirds of your pot,  on top of glaze you want to alter...maybe ...test.

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