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Need help fixing the foot pedal of a Creative Industries wheel

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Hi Spring... If you look at the foot pedal, you will find a pivot pin about 2" from the heel of the top plate on the side, near the top. (Make sure your wheel is unplugged.) The pins are spring loaded and by depressing them you can release and remove the top plate. Inside you will find a gear driven potentiometer which is controlled by the white plastic lever with teeth on the end. What may have happened in your case is the teeth on the bottom may have worn or broken, thus keeping the pot gear from turning to full zero. Another thing is the pot retaining nut may have loosened causing the pot to rotate slightly. I think it improbable that the teeth on the pot gear have worn or broken. You can press the pins in and release the white lever to remove it  so you can check to see if the teeth are worn or broken. If they ARE worn or broken, you might check with Speedball to see if parts are available. If not, it may be cheaper to just buy a new foot pedal. Otherwise you might contact a machinist to fabricate a new part. As you and I can see in the pix, I have to clean and lubricate the guts of my foot pedal.1005509531_CIfootpedalpins.jpg.0d904eb09addf550844107e41ade506e.jpg1973671197_Footpedalguts1.jpg.b8f884f89e79cf4e9b1f0c44a35942b7.jpg

Foot pedal guts 2.jpg

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