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Looking for an old glaze called Butternut, a commercial glaze (not sure, but I believed from Laguna who said they never had one). It was a buttery gold with black specks, and our studio used it 20+ years ago. Does anyone remember this glaze?

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Hi Carmela and welcome to the forum!

11 minutes ago, Carmela said:

Not sure what I need to put here.

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Am finding Duncan Concepts butternut in several shades; several suppliers have stock - I'm not sure if Mayco is continuing the line.

There are several buttery recipes; see "Buttercup Yellow" adaptation of Britt's "Gumpler" in glazy, for example.

Please indicate temperature, electric/oxidation or gas/reduction, and an image?

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I just mixed a glaze called Butterscotch of which I am quickly becoming a fan.  I have used it on speckled white, speckled buff, porcelain, and a dark brown clay.  Is performing well so far.  I fire to cone 6.  And actually just fired a load of cone 5 and used the butterscotch.  

Let me know if you want the recipe.


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Hi Carmela,

You can make a Butternut glaze by starting with a satin matte white base and adding yellow ochre and Illmenite.  A little Illmenite goes a long ways. 

The amount of ochre depends on how yellow you want the result.  The Illmenite is for speckled.  You can omit if you are using a speckle clay or just want the colour.  Do a line blend 1,2,3,5,8 % to see how far to take it.  

Make your 1 &2 % tests, dip each one, combine equal amounts to make 3% and dip, make a 5%, dip and combine equal amounts of 3&5 to make 8%

Have fun and keep notes.

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