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Hi there!


I have some questions about firing 06 and applying glazes.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!



I have a white clay body that reads cone 06-2 on the package.


So I programmed the electric kiln to cone 06 medium.


Can I use an 05-04 glaze?


I have amaco velvet series underglaze lead free. 05-04

and I have the F10 glaze to make it dinnersafe.


Can I use these on the clay I fired to 06? or did I completely mess up?


Thank you very much, I really appreciate your time.












What glazes should I use?


I have 05-04 glaze

and the F10 glaze to make dinnersafe


Can I use the F10 alone?


Can I use a glaze that reads " apply to mature 04 bisque"

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Amaco's F Series is quite nice. This was the very first Amaco glaze I used many years ago. It covers well and the colors are vibrant. Amaco does however recommend a cone 04 bisque fire on which to apply their glazes. I know that there maybe extenuating reasons why you are using a cone 06 bisque fire. But if this is your first time doing this try it first the recommended way; after that, try testing other firing methods. The Velvet Underglazes are wonderful also and yes of course you can use F10 alone. Please test it first to see if you like the glossy clay color.


Oh one other thing, do be sure to properly ventilate the firing.

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