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Is there such a thing as neon underglaze?


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Neon glaze colors (bright colors) generally exist  more so in lowfire glazes. I am not sure what is meant by neon other than bright color. Maybe Take a look here and see if this satisfies your color requirements https://www.maycocolors.com/color/low-fire-glazes/ There are some bright colors in underglazes as well. Again lowfire products  often can be brighter than mid or high fire products. https://www.amaco.com/t/glazes-and-underglazes/underglaze/velvet-underglaze/velvet-underglazes

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2 minutes ago, ashhorth said:

Yes fluorescent

Oh dear, I know people have made  [slight] progress with the other two application areas, but I am unaware of anything for day-glow (daylight fluorescent).

PS I will be delighted to be corrected, but I suspect that [all?] day-glow dyes are organic (and presumably incapable of surviving firing). While rare-earth pigments apparently require UV-lighting to glow.

DayGlo® Fluorescent Pigments https://tinyurl.com/3mr9ztdc

In the Studio: Rare-Earth Oxide Glazes https://tinyurl.com/k822vt4v

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I agree with Peter. I think the closest thing we get in ceramics is the rare earth oxides. I’ve seen that pink/purple glaze from the link above  in person. It changes colour in different lights and is *really* cool, but it wasn’t technically fluorescing, I don’t think. I also have a yellow glaze that I get from a praseodymium-based mason stain. While it’s a bright sunny yellow, it doesn’t fluoresce under black light. 

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