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Any ideas?

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I've been wondering how I could combine polished rocks and pottery. I have an overwhelming amount of them e.g. tiger eye other cool rocks.

The only thing I've came up with is maybe using some of the more square taller ones as handles & gluing them to the top of a lid after being glazed and fired.

I was hoping maybe someone could help me out by coming up with some creative ideas because I think it would be cool to do. I havent seen it on any pottery before...








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I would make a hand-built pot or object (think organic and irregularly shaped), with cavities.

I would then glue the stones into the cavities afterwards.

I'm thinking of little "caves" where each shiny stone lies in the entrance of its little cave.

Make the cavities much larger than the stones, so that the space around the stone gives a dark frame,

this will emphasise the stones more.


It is hard to describe the picture I have in my head but that's the idea that came up.

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