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Looking for any input about getting a slow temp rise in small gas kiln

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I have recently converted a small (2.5 to 3 cft) electric kiln to a gas kiln.  Using a venturi burner which I am totally digging (the last kiln I converted was much larger and I used one of those landscape weed burners to fire it!).

Is there a way to get that slow temp rise for a bisque fire?  It's such a small kiln, I'm not sure if it is possible.  Is there a way to bring the flame down very low on the burner?  Like barely a trickle?

Any input would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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I guess you have a pilot light. I would use only that overnight until 300degCish then turn that down and use your ventura at lowest psi poss and turn up very gradually to 600degc, then try for 150degC /hr rise. Use of your air intake and  flu slide will also control the temp rise but may be wasteful of gas

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A small pilot burner is a great way to get a slow rise at the beginning so you don't blow up your pots. Most gas kilns will tend to heat up quickly to several hundred degrees once the main burner is turned on, no matter how low. Burners require a certain amount of gas flow to stay lit. The other option would be to crack the lid on the kiln so the heat can escape. Not efficient, but it would help. Does your venturi blow in from the bottom or the side?

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