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Art Fair done morning fish photos

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3 day Art  show done 3 days of diving taking underwater photos to balance the clay time-todays dive will be day three. Hear are some from yesterday .

Long drive home starts after dive after a ferry ride  to Prt Townsend back into smoky  fire Nor-cal air





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2 hours ago, oldlady said:

how wonderful for you!  being underwater with all those beautiful fish and all is a treat that you deserve.

the third photo shows a fish with 4 mini-antlers on its head, do you know what it is?

Thats a kelp greenling  in bottom photo and the fish above that is a sculpin and the nudibranch is aTriopha cataline

I always either know the cruitter or key it out in my library of fish and Nudibranchs of the world books

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