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Seeking info on JW Good Kiln

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Good has been out of business for many years.  (Actually bought out by another company, that later went out.)

I had one of their kilns, that had rotary 'High-Med-Low-Off' switches...  As you've probably already found - Kiln-Sitter manuals are readily available, but I never did locate any sort of manual for the kiln itself.  I played around a little with different combinations, to try to even out the firing from top to bottom - but most of the time I just went with all on low for two hours, med for two hours, then high 'til the sitter trips. 

Depending on how full the kiln was, a small ^6 on the sitter gave me what I would call a ^5+  (Self-supporting witness cones ^5 full down & ^6 slightly bent.)

If your controls are something other than H/M/L/O, let us know what you have and/or post a couple pic's of the controls, and you may be able to get more specific suggestions.


PS - If you change the 'title' of your post to something like 'Seeking info on JW Good Kiln' - you may get a better response

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