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Glaze unintentionally joined pieces

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Help! I sat a pot on 3 kiln shelf supports thinking I would keep it from sticking to the kiln shelf.  It didn’t stick to the shelf but the glaze attached one of the kiln supports to the pot.  What can I do???  Could I retire the pot and elevate it more than the support and hope the support falls off during firing?  I’ve tried tapping and nothing has happened.  Any suggestions?

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assuming  your clay an earthenware so that stilts are necessary?  

grinding it off with a tool, dremel hand held or standing grinder depending on the size of the blemish.   then you still have the decision about refiring.   maybe it would be better to make a new one depending on the complexity of the pot decoration and your available time and interest in saving it.   saving errors is also educational.

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