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Underglazed bottoms

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I would like to know if anyone has experience with either Alumina hydrate or wadding to prevent underglaze from sticking to kiln shelves. 
I have mugs that have underglaze  on the bottom, I tested one of the colors I use frequently and it stuck to the shelf a little, so I am either thinking to add alumina to wax and brush it on, sprinkle dry alumina on the shelf or make some small wadding balls.

My concern about the dry alumina is the chance that  it might fall onto glazed surfaces below. Any thoughts on the best method?  

Thanks! 7454AA9B-89EF-4CFB-8D2D-D826B0475C84.jpeg.89b427263a37f149229c984403130afe.jpeg

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For soda, salt and wood firings wadding works great to keep the pots from sticking to the shelves. Don't see why it wouldn't work for your mugs also if the wads went on areas without the fluxy underglaze. 3 wads total, 1 on the base under the handle for stability then 2 more around the edges. If the underglaze is fluxing enough to stick to the shelf then I would be concerned that the alumina kiln wash or just dry alumina hydrate will stick to the underglaze which would make a sandpaper rough surface.

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