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abbreviations on glaze tests stump me.

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i  ALWAYS (but apparently did not this time) number my test tiles and write a description in my glaze book.   naturally, a student wants that nice, pale, cobalt blue glaze she found on a non-standard test tile.   got to make a ton of test tiles!!!

can anyone think what the letters mean?   SFC + 1 drop D.L.     a second one is SFC + 2 drops of D.L..

SF is  not someone's name that i recognize even though the C probably indicates clear.   i have lots of mason stains but nothing with D.L.      it really is a nice clear,  soft cobalt that allows the impressed leaves and flowers to show clearly.

will try tiny amount of cobalt in Min's wonderful clear to arrive at a color similar.   the mystery has me distracted, anyone have an idea who or what SF could be.   not san francisco.

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Just a wild guess here but could the "D" in "DL" stand for dark and the "L" for a colour? Mason Lavender maybe since it can come out pale soft blue if the glaze doesn't have a high amount of calcium in it. Did you ever have that or Mason Dusty Lavender?

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good guess, but i never have had a lavender, the only deep colors are turquoise and deep crimson and the letters on the tests are precise.  i am going to use your recipe and test several colors.  mazerine blue seems to be cobalt so i will use the carbonate and mazerine to see which might work.   i have a small test on a tiny bird that looks exactly like a true celadon and wish i knew what i did.  i think that one is cerulean.

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thanks to both of you.   i wouldn't know a frit from a kangaroo, babs.   not a chemist.  and i use any glaze or slip to spray on greenware, no special ones. spraying is just a method of application to me and greenware is just dry clay.

this is just going to remain a reminder to MAKE MORE TEST TILES and KEEP RECORDS WITHOUT ABBREVIATIONS.    EVERY TIME!

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On 7/30/2021 at 4:18 PM, oldlady said:


We wrote T.I.D. on a shopping list once. Could NOT work out what it meant until the next time (months later) we wanted to make prawn cocktails.  It caused great hilarity at gatherings where we tried to get friends to guess.  Best wrong answer was Tinned Italian Dogfish.

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