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How to make large scale clay sculpture/table

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Hello, so I came across this really cool table. The artist says its made from clay and it inspired me to make my own sculptural table!(image linked below) ... I was wondering if someone with more experience than me can recommend what I use/ how to build the form? I've only used foam and magic clay over but I'm guessing this won't be sturdy enough? I'm also thinking air dry clay as I won't be able to find a kiln big enough! 

Also does anyone know how I can add a glass table top securely onto my sculpture! 





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"air dry clay"  is the most important part of your question.   "Foam and magic clay" is the second warning.   those materials may not have the strength to do what you propose.

true clay, dug from the ground, processed and fired correctly to the proper temperature is the proven material to use for this project.   yes, it will need to be fired in a kiln to be strong enough for that particular item.

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After the informed comments ...

If you cannot fire it, then clay probably isn't the right material for the finished product.  Just the indicate that there are other options.

It's costly, but you could model it in clay, make a  flexible mould, and construct the final object with some cold-cure material. As was done with these:

Here is Garfield table made out of concrete: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/ava-nirui-splurged-on-a-cartoon-coffee-table-and-regrets-nothing

And a waste-mould way of casting large concrete sculptures

And there are concretes designed for a degree of moulding, although your strength might be an issue for your project.


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