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Wrinkle fingers!

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So.... I've been throwing with well water for the last few years and we moved, now we have city water. I got in an hour and a half of throwing the other night and my fingers were all wrinkled from being water soaked. I don't remember this ever happening with the well water, even if I spent 4 hours throwing. Does "soft" water or the chemicals in municipal water cause the wrinkles?

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2 hours ago, shawnhar said:

Does "soft" water or the chemicals in municipal water cause the wrinkles?

Soft water is definitely more aggressive but I am thinking temperature is maybe more likely as this shrinks your blood vessels which makes your skin fold. Another popular reason is Raynaud's syndrome.  Raynaud's causes your blood vessels to shrink and blood to flow away from your fingertips as well. I actually have met several folks with this syndrome. So it may not really be hardness of the water.

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On the prune fingers and toes, some say it is related to absorption o' liquid by the skin, hence, pruning should be delayed by saltier water. Soft water, I believe, is as "salty" as the treated hard water it comes from, where the calcium has been replaced by sodium. Could be Shawnhar's well water had less stuff dissolved in it than the city city water.

The other theory I'm finding is that pruning of fingers and toes is an adaptation to improve grip.

I have Raynaud's in me toes - right tiny toe, sometimes also th' one next t't as well.
The problems evaporate with increasing Spring temps, however, they have been returning with onset of cooler weather. I'm able to reduce the severity o' th' symptoms by wearing wool socks, changing out damp socks, always slippers inside (no more bare feet :(), extra layers on ankle (key strategy*) and lower leg.

Doc says spasm of muscle tissue around the artery reduces blood flow, hence purpling, swelling, numbness, pain. A very bad case could result in digital loss.

Per Wiki:
"This happens due to spasms of blood vessels in those areas. The spasms happen in response to cold, stress, or emotional upset."

l don't believe my Raynaud's has any to do with wet; cold, most def, most def! The onset is marked by slight swelling, and a bit of pain + numbing; from there, a bad case (for me) involves purple flesh, more swelling, and more pain. Swelling bein' rather opposite of pruning...

*I'm cutting the feet offa socks, using the upper portion for extra layers on the ankle - breakthrough! Likely I wouldn't be able to bike without this simple adaptation.

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1 hour ago, Hulk said:

er Wiki:
"This happens due to spasms of blood vessels in those areas. The spasms happen in response to cold, stress, or emotional upset."

Interesting, the folks I have met got wrinkled fingers, especially with temperature change, not necessarily cold though so even on a warm summer day they could experience this wrinkling and numbness at the onset. Theirs went away with some temporary warming, yours sounds a bit tougher to deal with.

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On 7/23/2021 at 12:39 PM, Bill Kielb said:

Raynaud's syndrome

My daughter was just diagnosed with this last week, after being dismissed for years by practitioners who told her to just put on a sweater,  some people just get a bit colder (her "bit colder" was almost debilitating;  being discounted over & over didn't help any. @Hulk--I'm gonna pass along the tip about cutting the socks for extra warmth on the ankles.

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Oh, aye!

I got a diagnosis on account o' my GP was too busy to see me - staff said "you can go to Urgent Care."

The Doctor who owns nearby urgent care is very thorough. I was there most of the day, awaiting my turn, however, worth it, for the Doc spent over forty five minutes and ran through detailed decision/evaluation tree with me. My GP is a dismiss-er.

Any road, for hands, I'd recommend layers on the lower arm and wrist, as well as the typical glove, such that the tissue of the lower half of the lower arm and wrist are kept warm, as well as the painful bits.

For feet/toes, a wool knee sock with the foot cut off, for the lower leg to shoe top, and another cut off ankle sock underneath that, as well as the typical as much uncut sock as reasonably fits in the shoe - point being to keep lower lower leg and ankle warm. From there, when ground is cool to cold, insulating foot covering is so important, for heat floods outta the foot to the floor, particularly stone, tile, and the like type floors. Brr.

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