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Wenger - side foot treadle to wheel crank connection

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Friend new to potting has picked a kick wheel with side foot treadle. The arm from foot treadle is disconnected from the wheel  crank, not sure what's broken or missing.  If anyone could post me a pic of their wenger connections, would appreciate, thanks

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Hulk I thru on a metal treddle like this in Cambodia a few years ago(3 years). No mass to spin and it worked pretty good. The whell was a bit different than this Wenger model but same idea.

The mass was the wheel head and clay and you need to be constantly using your leg a power . After 48 years of power wheels all these types of wheels seem a burden to some degree for me.

Tbese tredle wheels are way lighter to move around and pretty small compared to a cement kick wheel. 

On a simialair note I traded in my Fred Flintsone car decades ago because the stone wheels where heck to keep balanced 

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Feels good to laugh, thanks!

Yabba dabba dooo! My folks used to let me stay up for new episodes (way back, when we returned to the States, 1961...), 8 p.m. air time; I almost alway nodded off shorty after the opening montage...

I can hardly imagine running a kick or treadle - too many aches and pains a'ready. I'd try it, if'n there were no alternative...

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