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I glazed a  flower pot with Amaco PC 12 blue midnight , it came out a muddy greenish brown color. The instructions said the coats need to be heavy, I put 3 heavy coats on the top portion ,but I guess they weren't heavy enough. Can I reglaze this and get the blue to come out more? Another project  also came out darker then I anticipated ,is it possible to re glaze over the darker glaze  with a lighter glaze color?

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Reglazing is always a crapshoot. Sometimes it can save a pot other times not so much. If you have nothing to loose then it's worth a go. I'ld put the refire pieces on a thin waster cookie/slab of clay just in case the thicker refired glazes cause running. (waster slab can just be just a very thin wafer of clay, bone dry but doesn't need to be bisque fired first) How two glazes interact is impossible to predict, test tiles are a good way to see how under/over combinations will turn out. Since the pots you will be refiring have already had heatwork put them in a cooler part of the kiln for the refire if possible. 

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What clay body are you using ?  Clay color & composition will affect glaze results.

Most of the sample pic's on Amaco's website use a buff-colored stoneware.  If you're using a darker clay, you won't get the same results - especially on some of the more transparent colors.  Also - "thick" can be a pretty subjective term.  What you see as a 'thick' coat might not be as thick as on their samples.

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