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Making a plaster mold of an object with deep grooves/texture...?

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I have a dried cacao pod, and I would like to make a plaster mold of it,

to either slip cast or press mold ... to eventually make a a bowl and a vase.

I've only made molds from very smooth objects, so I am concerned that the plaster 
will get stuck in the deep grooves of the pod. 

What do you think? I've attached photos.

Thank you all!



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6 hours ago, vickid said:

Thank you for your reply. What if I made a one piece mold of half of it, like a bowl that is just it's side?

Try it, that's the only true way to find out.  What have you got to lose?

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If the texture radiates out, uniformly, around the circumference of the form, the mold will likely "catch" along the edge. To minimize this I would suggest you fill in the texture, along the edge, with clay, before you pour plaster.  

I molded a similar object, many years ago, but I did not anticipate a problem. Unfortunately the texture "locked up" the plaster and I had to chip it off the piece. (The piece was in the bisque state, so there was no damage, but the process was tedious and very annoying.) 

After I judiciously filled in the texture, along the edge, I was able to pull a decent mold.

You just have to decide how much texture loss is acceptable to you. 

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