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How to stamp thin wall sections?

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I'm trying to figure out how to stamp my makers mark on the bottom of some slip cast pieces.  The issue is that the bottoms are quite thin and I can't provide support on the inside so the clay threatens to push in and break when I try to stamp anything into it.  I could try to put the mark in the plaster mold, but I'd like to be able to stamp the clay in case I change logo designs or something.  Any advice?  

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Is all your work as thin? And inaccessible for suport?

If only some would you consider writing your "Stamp"?

Or an inked stamp which requires very little pressure...or a stencil?


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not sure if this helps but...use a bit a wd-40 on your stamp (I always do and store it with a bit on it after each use)....helps it not stick at all to the clay. I also try and position my stamp as close to the side walls as possible since there is a bit more support there vs the center. Clearly let it dry as much as ya can while soft enough to indent and voila. Also if the form allows, simply counter the pressure from the inside with your finger etc.

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