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QotW: Do you participate in any open studio tours, kiln openings, or other events allowing visitors to your studio/shop?

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Hi folks,

I have been thinking a lot of how the studio is the center of artist's experience and how things can impede or enhance that experience. Something that I miss being able to do was to have an open studio event. I used to participate in one with a painter. She had a barn near her house that she had a studio set up in, and would open up in early summer for an event. She would usually have some music, a couple of other artists, some food and wine venders. It was not real large, but would usually have over 150 visitors. I did it with her for about 3 or 4 years, and then she moved and it was gone. My own studio would never lend itself to an event, or even open studio tours as are offered in some areas. So my question this week. . . 

QotW: Do you participate in any open studio tours, kiln openings, or other events allowing visitors to your studio/shop?



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I had studio sales twice a year at the studio for 19 years-stopped in 1993 when I went to more long distance art shows.There where no local studio tours like these days back then. I had a 1000 person mailing list and mailed a postcards out the last 5 years-before that I had a bulk mailing permit (#75 ) and did bulk mailing as it was the cheapest.I gave up mailing lists in the early 90s never looked back-All the work sells so  why botherb looking for more customers?

I did a local studio tour one time in early 2000s -it was a bust for me money wise for the effort.

I did about 12 traveling art shows for more decades than I recall.Gave up on studio sales .

as time went buy shifted to local venues (shops,galleries,stores) and a few less shows

I sell to customers who call ahead every year maybe 3-10 a year -just sold $300 last week to return  dinnerware customer. I only do this when the production allows it -not on glaze day - or loading day ,usually after a glaze  kiln comes out

I keep track of these studio sales and they average 1k to 3 k a year -in fact I keep a small 1/2 sheet of paper on fridge side with all sales of every sort every year to compare  year to year .Sure I could spread sheet it  in excel but why-I log them in when they happen-pen and paper

At one time I sold (my display )at a local produce stand in a barn) for a few summers about 1/2 mile away from home.

I also had pop up stands in the 70-s and early 80s around this area-now they are called pop up sales 

I have tried pretty much all ways to sell-turned down the trunk show offers 20 years ago at Norstrums-You have had to say no many times with others trying to make a $ on your work-you get to pick and choose.


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We'd visited some studios over the years during Fall "Open Studios" event here; since becoming interested in potting, we visited a dozen or so potters' studios.

Last year the event was put on hold - it's "on" for this year (fingers crossed). I've ponied up the fee and hope to get some traffic - two weekends in October. I'm looking forward to it, but will miss the opportunity to visit others' studios...

Most that we visited feature display of ware, some where workspace/process was visible, some where workspace was not visible/accessible at all. In my case, am thinking the studio itself will be open, and ware displayed there. 

Year afore last I'd invited one and all to visit my studio two weeks before Christmas - a few dozen folk came by; sales were modest but very appreciated.

Visitors are welcome any time I'm available. Seems unlikely that traffic will ever become a nuisance.

I've been considering inviting the local potters I've met to a meet/greet in our courtyard for an open ended eat, drink, be merry - perhaps late August.

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Becasue I live in a rented mobile home I am not allowed to have any traffic at all and no sales from my location. The master bedroom has been converted and outfitted as my studio & the enclosed back porch is my kiln room.  They are nice, tho small, environments, well laid out, and I have all the usual cool stuff of any functioning studio. It's frustrating because I know absolutely that I would do really great if I could have mini-tours/sale days right here. There's enough room open on the back porch and rear deck that I could do a great display.  I have inventory, but no ready outlet for it that doesn't involve way (way) too much work on my part to get it where it would have to go--just not up for it. My daughter might help me set up an Etsy store, but even that seem like too much hassle at this particular juncture in my life. I seem to be treading water at the moment. I may do a down & dirty pop-up yard sale with  my "smalls" as part of the stuff (we can't have yard sales either, but if it was up & gone real fast-just a few hours & no road signs-only an online ad- I'd probably be OK).  I used to go to studios/kiln openings before the pandemic but I'm not willing to chance it (personal risk factors) until the Delta factor plays out & we see whether the vaccines loose effectiveness around 6 months, as is possible.

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