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Pottery question

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Hi, I am looking for information today.

A few years back I purchased this little pottery because the inlay design is delightful to look at.

So I started wondering what type of clay and glaze the artist used and how they managed to achieve this? Any feedback you offer is appreciated. Snap is attached.

Kind regards, Reggie B :0)


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learning the vocabulary of ceramics is a natural first step on the long road of understanding what you are seeing.   your local public library will have many books that can be a foundation for you to build on.   i know the internet is "better" but you have to know what you are looking for before you can find it.   older books that were used as textbooks are the best.   somewhere there is a list on this website.  hope you can find it.

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Thank you for the evaluation. I am learning so will use this as an opportunity to understand language used to describe this art.

Grateful :0)

Thank you for the idea to check out library resources and the idea about old txt. Bks.

I will be there this afternoon to pick up a hold and will see what is available.

Grateful :0)

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