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Online courses to fill the knowledge gap?

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Hi there, 

I make things out of clay but I'm still a total newbie, never even fired my work yet. I have huge anxiety trying to work with a ceramics studio, people I have met were very rough and inpatient with me, Mostly due to the fact they added me to already experienced group at the time.  They told me to come back after summer, when new beginner group comes.   Long story short, I don't want to go back, I want to figure it out on my own. (Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I don't want to give up on ceramics, it's very important to me already.) 

So I joined your amazing forum, and I'm taking notes on all resources thank you for those!

However. I am looking also for an online course like on skillshare or domestika to fill in my knowledge gaps. Could you recommend any? My goal is to create glazed planters for now.


Thank you so much, ^_^

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Most of what I got out of two semesters in the Ceramic lab at the local Junior Collage (Wheel I and Wheel II classes) was social, direct observation of others (varying skill levels - one can learn from both ends o' the mastery spectrum...), and direct inspection of all the work, both in progress and freshly finished.

The other bit, very important at first, was access to materials and tools! By the end of the first semester, however, I was set up to work at home.

All that for two  points: a) one can pick up a lot just by being around others also immersed in the process, and b) one can absolutely progress on their own as well.

I don't have any online courses to recommend (perhaps others will), however, this forum, books, magazines, YouTube vids (!!!) can provide a lot! Also try to get out and see/feel others' pots when you can.

There's a few threads here with links to favourite videos ...ah, here's one!  Free Video Recommendations for Potters - Ceramic Events of Interest - Ceramic Arts Daily Community

Am liking Florain Gadsby's vids ...and many others as well.

Another thought! I'm planning an meet and greet at our house/studio, where I'll invite the potters from our little bayside town (that I know of), and potters in the county I've met, which may turn out to be crickets - it's an idea.

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invite local potters
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@GEP has some really great videos on throwing different forms on the wheel. I learned a lot of techniques and some tips and tricks I was able to incorporate into my throwing. She also has some on glazing techniques, and slab building. It was well worth it in my opinion. You can find them at https://learnpottery.weebly.com/

Other than that? I just scour youtube. Florian Gadsby is great. Jon the Potter. Earthnation Ceramics, Simon Leach, Hsinchuen Lin are just a few I've found incredibly helpful. Best of luck!


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