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Stupid (or maybe not) question about slip

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Ok, so here's a silly question. I'm pouring ceramics into molds using commercially purchased slip. In the course of the manufacturing process I end up with lots of waste clay (de-seaming, cutting off the mold plugs, etc) that I'm then letting dry out. 

So, when it comes time to add in water and turn this back into slip... Do I need to add a deflocculent again? If so, why? 

I'm super confused on the chemistry/magnetism magic of deflocculent. 


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Reclaimed slip usually has enough deflocculant in it, already, that you don't have to add more.  (Usually.) Such that I would suggest you not add more in the reclaim process.

Reclaimed slip tends to have more water in it, than new slip, so I rarely use it alone. I usually add a bit to a batch of new slip. THEN, if the new batch seems overly thick I might add A LITTLE  deflocculant, but usually not much.





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