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advice on smaller pug mill, please

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I got the de-airing pugger for the same reason. Wedging irritates my wrists. I had the bilateral carpal tunnel surgery in 1982 or so and do not want to repeat that. I Like the bailey pug mill because I change from raku to porcelain and I can easily clean the aluminum casing spotless for the porcelain.

The de-airing part does save my wrists.




Ive heard reports that the aluminum reacts with the PH in certain porcelains, have you found this to be the case? The reports I heard were that it oxidized or pitted the aluminum causing bits of it to be released into the clay...

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That question is what I've been researching. The SS modle of Peter Pugger is $1,500 MORE that the aluminum. There is much discussion on the clart threads on this. I will call PP later when they open and see what they say. Some one the clayart say they have had pitting using stonware as well. ??

Any one here using aluminum barrel with problems?

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