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Switching element type on kilns

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Hi everyone

First time poster. I have a large kiln that is currently using spiral SiC elements. These are being degraded rapidly due to firing of PZT ceramics which are giving off lead and fluxing the silicon in the elements.

The degradation only subtle but the spiral element runs into large problem because I end up with a conductive path between the positive and the negative terminal - shorting it all.

Besides that the kiln is quite good. 

My question is: has anyone had any experience changing the element types in the kiln? I want to move from a spiral type to a U bar. I recognise that the spaces for the elements will require readjustment. in terms or power draw etc will the U bar design require more elements etc? to achieve the same heating rates?


Thankyou for any assistance here.




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Hi Chris!

My reading indicates that PZT parts are sealed "...in high purity alumina crucibles..." to prevent lead from escaping during sintering, as the process requires temperatures well over lead's volatilization threshold. 

That (probably) doesn't help. You might identify the kiln in question, and/or post a picture?

Be careful with that lead!


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