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Can nails be used as stilts for cone 10 firing? If so, what kind?

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I'm in need of stilts to suspend the interior of dome-shaped sculptures up to 4cm (so the rim/base doesn't touch the shelf surface). I've looked into heavy gauge nichrome wires, but I'm not sure if they'd be able to stand still during the high firing process, plus they are pretty difficult to cut. So I wonder if metal nails could be used as stilts. For example, the pointy part touches the sculptures, and the cap sticks into a flat body of clay, i.e., the base of the stilt. If so, what kind of nails can sustain in cone 10 firing? Thanks!

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Nails will not stand cone 10 firings-forget about nails

The heavy nichrome wire is all that will maybe make it at those temps.The heaver the better

You can make a clay stilt with clay points out of cone 10 clay-that would be your best option-you can also use old electric kiln elements as the points if you have some-heat them and streech them out-or use some element pins-they will work once.Use them in the clay stilt you make as points

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do i understand you want something to support the center of something only 1 1/2  (approximately) around?   how tall?   is it spherical or an elongated ?    cone 10 is really hot, mark is the expert there.  

this is where photos are worth 1000 words.

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I wouldn't use any sort of metal as stilts above cone 3. Even if it can withstand the temps without melting, it will still soften up and bend. Your best bet is to make clay stilts, put a little kiln wash on the points, and leave the area they touch unglazed.

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