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Electric kiln in an open-front garage

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I am planning to install an electric kiln in my open-fronted car-port.  So ventilation is not an issue.  But I plan to park a motor vehicle about 10 feet away from it under the same cover.  Does this raise any risks?

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I am thinking not overly significant except gasoline has a very low explosive limit so usual cautions about that including if the kiln is relay based or even manual there are components internally that create a minor spark as they operate. So no leaking gas or unsafe storage of same comes to mind. The kiln will warm the area significantly which can speed up corrosion of your car a bit. And fumes from the kiln can be corrosive on occasion. If there are significant light leaks in the kiln so as to project on a surface, that surface will warm by radiation. Pretty rare but something to be aware of. So maybe don’t park in the carport while firing when practical. Those are the things that come to mind. Not sure if I am missing anything. Others will likely speak up.

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With regard to what Bill has noted, unless you have a leaking gas tank or fuel system on  your vehicle or an open gas can or other highly volatile compound  in the carport, I don't think that there would be any problems with firing your electric kiln in an open fronted carport...BUT, if you have any concerns about that, set up a fan between your kiln and car to dissipate any fumes.     Welcome to the Forum, David!

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